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A2 Hosting Affiliate Commission In India Revealed

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to monetize a blog or website. Joining affiliate marketing programs allows you to start earning passive income without having to establish your brand from scratch or worry about inventory management.

However, with so many options available, selecting the best hosting affiliate programs can be difficult.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program.

A2 Hosting is a renowned web hosting provider that offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn income by marketing their services and products on your website or social media platforms.

This program has a rich affiliate program. It offers an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers to increase their earnings with their great hosting services and generous commission structure.

Signing up for the A2 Hosting affiliate program makes it simple to offer high-speed hosting plans to your audience while earning attractive benefits. You can earn up to $140 for each new customer you refer via your affiliate link.

How to Join A2 Hosting Affiliate: Step By Step Guide

Enrolling in the A2 Hosting partner program requires minimal effort. Simply follow the step-by-step guide outlined below:

Step 1: Begin by accessing Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Affiliate Program link located under the Company widget.

Step 2: Next, click on the Sign Up Now button.

Step 3: Enter your personal information, including your First Name, Last Name, and Email ID.

Step 4: Provide Additional Information such as your website URL, Street, City, and Country.

Step 5: Choose your preferred method of payout. Currently, the A2 Hosting affiliate program only supports PayPal payments.

Step 6: Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click on the Signup button to finalize your registration.

In a brief interval, you will receive a welcome email from the A2 Hosting affiliate manager.

Step 7: Await approval.

Upon submitting your application, the A2 hosting team will thoroughly review it to ensure it meets the necessary criteria for becoming an affiliate.

The review process typically takes 2-3 days to complete. Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Features of the A2 Hosting Partner Program

✅Tailored Client Welcome Email & Dedicated Page For Exceptional Partners

✅Engaged & Responsive Management of the Affiliate Program

✅Up-to-the-Minute Performance Insights for Affiliates

✅Extended 90-Day Cookie Lifespan

✅Monthly Remuneration on the 15th of Each Month

✅Landing Pages A/B Tested to Maximize Impact

✅Thrice Verified Mechanism for Tracking

✅User-Friendly Control Panel Powered by PostAffiliatePro

✅Promote Specific Pages with Deep Linking Option

✅Achieve Stellar Conversion Rates & Customer Loyalty

Why should you join the A2 Hosting affiliate program in 2023?

With its numerous features and advantages, the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program presents an appealing opportunity for individuals seeking to generate income through the promotion of hosting products and services. Recognized as one of the most lucrative affiliate programs within the industry, it boasts competitive commission rates that are significantly above average.

When you join the A2 Hosting referral program (which is completely free to join) and begin marketing their products, such as all types of hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting, such as:

✅Shared Hosting

✅Reseller Hosting

✅VPS Hosting

✅Dedicated Hosting

✅WordPress Hosting

You’ll earn $85 for each successful purchase made through your affiliate link. The A2 Hosting affiliate payout commission can reach $140 depending on the volume of sales you make in a month.

Simply put, more sales will result in a larger commission rate. Furthermore, you can make as many sales as you wish each month.

A2 Hosting has a two-tier commission structure. After joining the affiliate network, you can refer others to this partner program and earn 5% of the lifetime direct commission.

There are numerous compelling reasons to promote A2hosting’s services:

1). Free to Join: Joining A2hosting’s affiliate program comes at no cost. Regardless of whether you generate any sales, joining is a worthwhile decision.

2). Higher Commission: A2hosting offers a generous $85 per sale, outshining most other web host payouts.

3). Proven Popularity: With affiliates receiving over $500,000 in payouts last year, A2 hosting’s popularity is undeniable.

4). Extended Cookie Duration: Even if a user doesn’t purchase on the same day they click your affiliate link, you will still receive the commission if they purchase within the next 60 days.

5). Unlimited Earning Potential: A2hosting’s affiliate program has no earning caps, allowing you to make unlimited sales each month and earn money online.

6). 2nd Tier Commission: A standout feature of A2hosting’s partner program is the second-tier commission option, offering $5 for each new customer referred by your sub-affiliates.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Pros

– Enhanced Earning Potential with a Guaranteed Base Income of $85 per Sale

– Extra Revenue Streams by Referring Successful New Customers and Earning $5 for Each Referral

– A2 Hosting’s Affiliate Program includes thoroughly tested and optimized marketing materials to attract customers and generate sales.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Cons

– Challenges in Scaling Higher Commissions for Referring Mid-to-High Tier Customers

One disadvantage of the A2 Hosting affiliate program is its limited ability to scale commissions for higher-tier referrals, which may restrict the earning potential for affiliates who generate a significant number of sales.

– Insufficient Program Guidelines Resulting in Unanswered Queries

The program’s policy is not sufficiently detailed, leaving numerous questions unanswered. This lack of clarity can be frustrating for new affiliates.

– Cumbersome Checkout Process

Another inconvenience is the somewhat cumbersome checkout process, which may discourage customers from completing their purchases.

– Limited Payment Options for Customers

A2 Hosting does not offer a variety of payment choices, potentially limiting the customer base available to affiliates.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Alternatives

As a beginner you want to know how A2 Hosting affiliate programs stack up against the competition now that we’ve established that this program is deserving of your consideration, well, let’s look at what other companies have to offer. 

Nothing prevents you from joining all of the programs listed below, but you may find it tedious to check on your commissions and conversions on dozens of websites every day or so. 

a). Hostinger

The program at Hostinger operates distinctively, setting it apart from other services. One notable difference is their payment system, as they offer a sizable commission of 60% for each sale. However, it should be noted that this also means that the potential earnings may not be as high, especially if promoting lower-priced plans.

The cookie for tracking lasts for one month, which is less than the extended 90-day cookie offered by A2 Hosting. On the bright side, there is no need to join this program separately through Hostinger’s website. It is managed by various networks, including CJ Affiliate and Impact Radius. This may be advantageous for affiliates with multiple websites using different networks for monetization, making this program a worthwhile consideration.

b). HostGator 

This service offers a slight advantage for those unable to refer more than five individuals monthly to a web hosting corporation. In line with this, the minimum compensation rate for a successful HostGator affiliate would be $65 for every referred sale.

Furthermore, the brand has instituted a tiered system, culminating in 20 or more monthly sales, with the highest rate of $125 per sale. Payment methods include PayPal, ACH, and checks, with an option for Payoneer integration, a popular choice among non-US-based affiliate marketers.

c). Liquid Web

In the realm of affiliate programs, Liquid Web reigns supreme with its astounding potential for high earnings. By successfully persuading individuals to invest in dedicated hosting plans, earning a substantial commission of $7,000 per signup is a feasible achievement.

But that’s not all. The other services offered also provide generous commissions, with VPS hosting ranging from $150 to $300. What’s more, the cookie duration mirrors that of A2 Hosting’s program, allowing for a lengthy span of 90 days.

Overall, we assert that if you aspire to discover a superior affiliate program in the web hosting arena, Liquid Web should be your prime choice.

d). Bluehost

BlueHost is a distinguished web hosting provider with an affiliate program that offers a minimum commission of $65, slightly higher than A2 Hosting. 

Accumulating numerous successful referrals can result in a significant difference, as these $10 increments add up over time. 

It is worth noting that BlueHost utilizes PayPal as its primary option for payment processing – a positive aspect. 

 It should also be noted that there is a waiting period of 45 days before receiving payment and a minimum threshold of $100 for payment eligibility.

Bottom Line

In regards to the A2 Hosting affiliate program, their referral system can assist you in obtaining a generous commission through the promotion of their hosting services across the internet.

Within this post, we have comprehensively discussed all the essential details you should be aware of before becoming a part of their referral program, encompassing both the advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, if you are an individual desiring to endorse a trustworthy and reasonably priced web hosting provider on your website or blog, it would be beneficial to consider giving A2 Hosting company a chance.


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