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Godaddy Affiliate In India Review For Beginners

In this blog post, you will learn more about Godaddy affiliate in India and how to join.

You will also get access to proven techniques used by the pros to bring in a lot of money per month through affiliate marketing.

Godaddy is a domain registrar, cloud services provider for small and medium-sized businesses, hosting, email, and website builder. 

Their affiliate program pays up to 15% commission per registration of new customers who sign up through your site. 

Godaddy offers the best value with the highest commission rates in the industry. Purchasing domains from them also gives you a free domain privacy service! 

How It Works

To work as a Godaddy affiliate in India is simple actually.

This is because Godaddy is using the same old affiliate marketing model.

  1. You first register as a GoDaddy affiliate in India. And this can be done through CJ Affiliate, which is a popular affiliate marketing network.
  2. Once you are in, pick your unique affiliate link and share it on your website. Godaddy gives you access to banners and other promotional materials. 
  3. When someone clicks on the banner containing your Godaddy affiliate link in India and goes ahead to purchase something, you earn up to 15% commission of each sale.

In a nutshell, working as a Godaddy affiliate in India is all about promoting your affiliate links to potential buyers.

And when they make a purchase, you earn a commission.

How Much You Can Earn?

As a Godaddy affiliate in India, you get access to 10 t0 15% commission on any one-time sales, depending on the product that your referral has opted for. 

If the person has opted for a hosting plan and they have never had one before, you will get a $100 bonus.

For example;

If you refer someone to Godaddy in India and they buy the Deluxe hosting package going for Rs. 348 per month, you are getting Rs. 52.2 per sale.

Now, that may not look like much, the secret is to make sure you are converting more clicks to sales.

And that is what we are going to talk about next.

But before that, let me show you how to get started as a Godaddy affiliate in India.

How to Join GoDaddy Affiliate Program

To join the program, follow these steps;

Step 1 – Choose your option

Join through CJ Affiliate and set up your affiliate account.

Once registered, you will get a unique affiliate link with ID and tracking code.

Step 2 – Place your ad

Under the CJ Affiliate dashboard, you will have access to over 100 banner ads and text links that you can place anywhere on your site. 

Better part?

You don’t need any coding skills to use these tools and make money as a Godaddy affiliate in India.

All you have to do is copy and paste the provided code provided onto your web page or blog or in your email and you are done.

Step 3 – Earn your commission

When your visitors click through to GoDaddy from your ads, they reflect as your referrals on the CJ Affiliate dashboard. 

And if they make a qualified purchase, you automatically earn a commission.

What will you be promoting?

You have several options to promote;

Again, just decide on the product you’d wish to promote and then copy and paste the banner code on your website.

With that said, to make money as Godaddy affiliate in India, you need to make a sale!

And to make a sale, you need to get clicks.

Here are some ways to get more people to click on your affiliate links.

How to get more people to click on your affiliate links

The first step is to create the content you want people to see when they visit your site. 

Provide a variety of engaging, helpful articles that are relevant to what you do or sell so readers always have something new and interesting to read!

An easier way to do that is by creating an informative blog post on the topic of domain registrars and provide a link to your affiliate account in your bio.

Another way is to list real customer reviews on your site, backed up with a purchase link to Godaddy’s website. 

Also, make sure to include links in the sidebar of your blog or at the bottom of every post and make them stand out, and pick colors that compliment your theme for best results!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Once you have the click, you need to convert it to sales.

But there is one problem.

You do not control what happens beyond your site. So, you need to figure out how to control who clicks the link, because that is the only variable you can control in this case.

In summary, there are three main ways to increase conversion rates from affiliate traffic: using tools like landing pages or pop-ups, including relevant content on your site (e.g., tutorials on the product), and making use of email marketing campaigns with updated offers tailored specifically towards those who have converted before (to encourage them back).

When used together properly, these strategies can help drive up the number of purchases coming through from links within articles written by bloggers in your niche. 

The ultimate goal is to increase your affiliate commissions while increasing the number of sales for each product you promote.

The #1 Way to earn consistent commissions

Here is a secret to making more affiliate commissions in India; Find the keywords that your target market is searching for.

A really important part of affiliate marketing success is choosing a niche and finding products to sell, but another equally important step in making money with affiliate marketing is understanding which keywords people are using when they’re browsing on search engines. 

This will help you figure out what types of posts you should be creating in order to rank higher. 

You want as many visitors coming from Google or Bing searches by typing their keyword into the search bar as possible.

You can find this information easily by entering phrases related to your product offerings on Google Adwords Keyword Tool (or other tools) and seeing how many monthly searches there are for each term. 

For example;

If I were selling cat litter, then my keyword terms might be “best cat litter” or “cat litter reviews”.

In order to rank higher for certain keywords, you’ll need content that is both relevant and of good quality. 

One way to do this is by creating a “best-of” list or round-up article where you’re highlighting the best products in your niche. 

This will not only create great links back to your site but also give people plenty of reasons why they should make their purchase from your affiliate link online instead!

Another thing you can do with high-quality articles is research trending topics related to your product offerings on sites like Google Trends so that when a busy day arrives such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you have some ideas for topic posts ready ahead of time.

Create the content you want people to see when they visit your site. 

Provide a variety of engaging, helpful articles that are relevant to what you do or sell so readers always have something new and interesting to read!

Final thoughts

I hope this Godaddy affiliate in India review helped you decide whether or not becoming an affiliate is right for you; if so, sign up today! 

You can earn money while also helping people find what they’re looking for online. 

It doesn’t get any better than that!


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