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How Much Money Can 1,000 Views on a Blog in India Generate?

Determining how much money 1,000 views on a blog in India can generate depends on several factors. Here is a breakdown of the key considerations:

Ad Revenue

The main way most blogs generate revenue from views is through advertisements. There are a few popular ad networks used by Indian blogs:

  • Google AdSense – This is the most popular ad network used globally and in India. The earnings per 1,000 views can vary greatly based on factors like:
    • Niche – Some niches like finance and tech have higher paying ads.
    • Ad placement – Well placed and optimized ads earn more.
    • CTR – Higher click-through rates on ads generate more revenue.
    • RPM – The RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) also varies, with averages around $1-2 RPM.
  • – This is another major ad network focused on India and other Asian markets. The earnings rates are fairly similar to AdSense.
  • Infolinks – Infolinks provides text based in-content ads. The RPM is generally lower, around $0.5-1.

On average, Indian blogs generate around $1-3 RPM from display ads and around $0.5-1 RPM from text ads. So for 1,000 views, the ad earnings would be:

  • Display ads – $1 to $3
  • Text ads – $0.5 to $1

So total ad revenue from 1,000 views would be $1.5 to $4.

Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers also use affiliate links to monetize views. This involves promoting a product and getting a commission if someone purchases through the link.

Affiliate earnings from 1,000 views would depend on:

  • Niche – Promoting products in high ticket niches like software or ecommerce courses can result in higher commissions.
  • Conversion rates – This depends on how well optimized the affiliate links and offers are. Average conversion rates are 1-2%.

With optimally placed affiliate links, earnings from 1,000 views could be:

  • Conversion rate of 1%
  • Average commission of $25
  • Revenue from 1,000 views = 10 sales x $25 = $250

With a lower conversion rate of 0.5% and $10 average commission, the revenue would be around $50.

So, potential affiliate marketing earnings from 1,000 views in India range from $50 to $250.

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Sponsored Posts

Some bloggers also earn by writing sponsored posts for brands. The rates for sponsored posts vary greatly based on the niche and reach of the blog.

Average rates for Indian blogs are around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 per sponsored post. For a mid-tier blog, the rate could be Rs. 1,000 per post.

If 1,000 views in India leads to 1 sponsored post, earnings would be Rs. 1,000 or around $12.


In summary, here are the potential earnings from 1,000 views on a blog in India:

  • Ad Revenue – $1.5 to $4
  • Affiliate Marketing – $50 to $250
  • Sponsored Posts – $12

So the total earnings from 1,000 views would range from $63 to $266.

The actual earnings depend on factors like niche, optimization, follower base, and partnerships. But on average, 1,000 views would generate around $100 to $150 for an Indian blog.

With continued traffic growth and diversified monetization strategies, Indian bloggers can start generating full-time income from their blogs. Optimizing monetization and providing high quality content is key to maximizing revenue from blog views.

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