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How to Do Affiliate Marketing in India: 5 Easy Steps

According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is “a type of performance-based advertising in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” 

It can be an excellent way to generate revenue. Affiliate marketers are rewarded with commissions for every sale they make.

If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing in India, this blog post will teach you 5 steps that will help get ahead!

Step 1: Affiliate Networks

The first thing any good marketer should do when starting out on their venture into the world of affiliate marketing in India is to sign up for some form of affiliate network. 

These websites act as middlemen between merchants who wish to advertise and marketers who wish to receive advertisements through various media channels. 

The commissions are shared between the affiliate and the network.

Step Two: Choose a Niche

Before you can even sign up for an affiliate marketing website, you must have decided on what niche or product to promote. 

This is important because it will help determine whether your efforts should be focused in-house (marketing products from one company) or spread out across different companies’ products. 

For example, if you were going to market books through different publishers instead of just publishing house X’s latest title, then it would make sense that most of your effort goes toward finding quality titles within this particular genre rather than with all genres combined. 

Once chosen, become familiarized with how each merchant pays affiliates and which commission rates they offer before signing up for any programs.

Step Three: Become an Authority in Your Niche

Affiliate marketers in India are often referred to as “affiliates.” 

Generally, the more popular and authoritative your affiliate site is, the higher you can expect commissions to be. 

This step will help set apart those who succeed from those who don’t because it helps establish how much of a demand there is for this particular product or service within that market. 

You do not have to create an entire blog devoted exclusively to promoting one company’s products but rather include links within posts relevant to whatever topic you are writing about on your main website (e-commerce sites, online journals/blogs).

If done correctly, these efforts would subsequently lead people back towards either signing up for the company’s email list or buying whatever product it may be.

If there is something critical about how to do affiliate marketing in India, it is making sure that you are considered an authority within your niche.

Step Four: Teaser Content & Lead-Generating System

This is the fourth step on how to do affiliate marketing in India. It is important to provide teaser content that will help build interest in whatever you are promoting and, ultimately, persuade your readers into wanting more information about it. 

Affiliate marketers in India should also place a lead-generating widget on their websites so they can capture leads while people are still interested in what they have to offer before sending them over to affiliate network sites for registration. 

This helps increase conversion rates because visitors who come from such widgets tend to buy at higher rates than those whose traffic comes right away from an advertisement link (immediately sent over by the affiliate network). 

Step Five: Driving Traffic

Once you have your teaser content set up, the next step on how to do affiliate marketing in India is to drive traffic over to them from other sources. 

This doesn’t mean that you should spam forums and social media profiles with links pointing toward a product page just for the sake of having more people see it. 

Rather, focus on relevant communities where they would most likely be interested in what you’re promoting. 

By doing this methodically, affiliates can expect increased conversions because they are reaching out only to those who already show interest as opposed to trying to market something no one has any desire or need for whatsoever!

Consider sharing your content on social media platforms. This will expose it beyond your own network and keep the traffic flowing in for you! 

You can either do this manually or install plugins that help automate these tasks, such as SumoMe Social Sharing which adds floating share bars at the bottom of blog posts. 

Your readers don’t have to click anything for them to appear since they’ll just pop up right there on their web browser while scrolling down through any page, so the likelihood of more people seeing what you wrote exponentially increases if done correctly. 

The plugin also keeps track of how many shares each post gets based on all networks combined (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc.), allowing users to track and improve their social media presence over time!

Let us look at some of the best affiliate marketing programs in India;

Best Affiliate Programs in India

a). Reseller Club: – It offers to host services and domain names for all kinds of business.

b). Cashkaro: – They offer cashback deals to customers shopping online through its website.

c). Pepperfry: The best place to buy home furnishing products ranging from furniture, home decor, kitchen appliances, etc at affordable prices with free shipping across India.

d). Flipkart: – One-stop destination for purchasing mobiles phones, laptops, cameras & electronic gadgets at the most competitive prices in India via affiliates link provided on their site which gives commission up to $12 per successful conversion. 

e) Amazon India Affiliate program– It is one the largest e-commerce sites offering affiliate programs giving high commissions (up to 15%) because it has a huge selection of products and millions of sales every day.

f). BigRock Affiliate: – BigRock is leading India’s domain registration and website hosting company. As such, you can easily make money as an affiliate if you start promoting their products. All you have to do is signup to their program and start promoting.

g). HostGator

Hostgator is the company with the most awesome features for web hosting. Hostgator offers a flexible tiered payout, which increases your odds of earning more commission with each sale. The payout for qualified sales is made every 2 months + 10 days after the month the sale has occurred.

What else should I do?

Now that you know how to do affiliate marketing in India, there is one more thing you need to solidify your income stream.

You need your own blog.

See, you can’t depend on places like social media to drive your sales. Why?

Because you don’t own these platforms, and any changes to their ways of doing things will wipe away your dreams of ever making good money through affiliate marketing.

Instead, get a domain now and host for as low as Rs. 250 per month and start building a blog.

In conclusion… 

Now that we’ve gone through these steps together, hopefully, you feel better prepared at how affiliate marketing works in India and now know how exactly all those marketers receive commissions without ever having to lift a finger!

Affiliate marketing is a relatively easy way to earn money online in India by promoting products that other people wrote. 

It doesn’t require much experience or expertise either because most of the heavy lifting is done for you through the use of free tools out there on the web. So now it is up to you to decide whether this will be your next source of income or not… are ya feeling lucky?! 😉


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