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How To Earn As a Freelancer In India: 6 Easy Steps To Follow

Are you looking to make money as a freelancer in India? It’s easier than you think! 

With the right strategy and approach, you can start earning quickly. 

In this article, we will show you how to get started and provide 6 easy steps that you can follow to make money as a freelancer in India. 

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an experienced professional looking for extra income, these steps can help take your career to the next level.

Freelancing and its popularity in India

Freelancing refers to the act of working independently for different clients or companies, without any long-term commitment. 

Freelancers are self-employed individuals who offer their services on a project basis and are paid according to their work. 

Freelancing has become a popular trend in India due to the increasing number of opportunities available in various fields. 

According to Payoneer, India is the second fastest-growing country in terms of freelancing, with an increase of 46% from Q1 to Q2 in 2020.

Approximately 15 million freelancers in India work across different sectors such as IT, writing, design, marketing and many more. 

The rise of digital platforms and technology has made it easier for people to find freelance work and connect with potential clients globally. 

Why freelancing?

Being a freelancer provides individuals with the flexibility to choose their own projects and working hours which can be appealing for those seeking a better work-life balance.

The popularity of freelancing in India is also driven by the fact that it allows individuals to earn more than they would at traditional jobs. 

They get paid based on their skills and experience rather than just an hourly rate or salary. 

Furthermore, since most freelance projects tend to be short-term assignments, there’s always scope for new clients, meaning earnings can grow over time. 

Is freelancing the future in India?

It is difficult to say definitively whether freelancing will be the future of work in India. 

However, several factors suggest it could be a viable option for many people. 

First, the gig economy is growing rapidly in India and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

This means that more and more people are turning to freelancing as a way to make money and supplement their income. 

Furthermore, with the rise of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, freelancers can access a wider range of opportunities than ever before. 

Second, with the Indian government’s focus on promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment, it is likely that freelancing will become increasingly attractive to those looking to make a living or supplement their income. 

Additionally, with the rising cost of living in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, many people are looking for flexible ways to earn money without having to commit to full-time employment.

That said, here is how to earn as a freelancer in India.

Step 1 – Identify Your Skillset

Identifying your skills is crucial if you want to earn as a freelancer in India. 

This is because the freelance industry here is highly competitive and clients are always looking for skilled professionals who can deliver quality work. 

And by identifying your skills, you can showcase them to potential clients and increase your chances of landing projects.

Ways to identify your skills

  • Take a Self-Assessment Test: It is the first and foremost step to identify your skills. Take an online self-assessment test that can accurately determine your aptitude, personality traits, emotional intelligence, and cognitive abilities. Based on the results, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyze Your Work Experience: Assessing your work experience can help you identify the skills that you have acquired over time. Make a list of all the tasks you have performed in your previous jobs and try to recognize any patterns or commonalities. This will help you understand which skills are transferable to other industries.
  • Seek Feedback from Others: Ask for feedback from people who know you well – friends, family members, colleagues or mentors – about what they think are your core competencies or unique strengths. The insights gained from their feedback will help give a different perspective to how we perceive our own skillset.

By identifying our skills through these methods, we can better position ourselves as freelancers in our respective fields of expertise and increase earning opportunities by marketing ourselves effectively based on our unique selling points (USP).

Examples of in-demand freelancing skills in India

As a freelancer in India, certain skills can help you stand out from the competition and increase your earning potential. 

One such skill is digital marketing, which involves creating and implementing online business marketing strategies. 

With the rise of e-commerce and social media, many companies are looking for skilled digital marketers to help grow their online presence.

Another highly in-demand freelancing skill in India is web development. As businesses continue to move towards an online presence, web developers are needed to build and maintain websites. 

Proficiency in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP is essential for this role.

Lastly, content writing is another popular freelancing skill in India. Companies require engaging website and social media content to attract customers. 

Freelance writers with excellent writing skills and knowledge of SEO principles can earn a good income by producing quality content for various clients.

See, by developing these high-demand skills as a freelancer in India, you can expand your client base and increase your earning potential.

Step 2 – Choose Your Niche

The next step to earn as a freelancer in India is to pick a niche.

What is a niche?

A niche is a market segment that caters to a particular group of people with specific needs, preferences, and interests. 

Freelancers specializing in a particular niche can establish themselves as experts in their field and attract potential clients looking for specialized services.

The importance of choosing a niche lies in the fact that it enables freelancers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

By offering specialized services, they can charge higher rates than generalists and provide more value to their clients. 

Additionally, freelancing in a specific niche allows for more targeted marketing efforts, which can result in more qualified leads and better conversion rates.

It provides an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by offering unique skills and expertise that cater specifically to the needs of their target audience. 

With focus comes clarity, ultimately leading to growth and success as a freelancer in India.

Ways to choose your niche

  • Identify Your Passion and Interests: Choosing a niche that aligns with your interests and passion is the first step to success as a freelancer in India. This will allow you to enjoy your work while also enhancing your skills.
  • Determine Demand and Profitability: Conduct thorough research on the market demand for various niches before selecting one. A profitable niche with high demand increases your chances of earning more money as a freelancer.
  • Analyze Competition: It’s important to understand the competition in your chosen niche to determine how you can differentiate yourself from others, create a unique selling proposition (USP) and establish yourself as an expert in that field.
  • Look at Trends and Future Growth Opportunities: As a freelancer, staying updated on trends within your industry, including new technological advancements or changes in consumer behavior that may impact your chosen niche is essential.
  • Consider Your Skillset: Selecting a niche that aligns with your existing skills can help you save time on learning new skills while also providing value to clients from day one.
  • Evaluate Potential Clients: Research potential clients for each niche you consider, including their needs, budgets, and preferences regarding work style, communication methods, etc., before making any final decisions.

Examples of popular freelancing niches in India

If you want to make more money as a freelancer in India, consider joining any of the following niches.

  • Content Writing: As the name suggests, content writing involves producing written material for various mediums such as blogs, websites, social media, and advertisements. It is one of the most popular freelancing niches in India with a high demand for skilled writers who can create engaging content.
  • Graphic Designing: Graphic design encompasses various creative fields such as logo designing, website designing, brochure designing, and much more. It requires technical skills and creativity to produce visually appealing designs that attract customers towards a brand or company.
  • Web Development: With the advancement of technology and internet usage in India, web development has become essential to any business. A freelance web developer can earn a decent income by developing websites for small businesses or individuals looking to establish their online presence.

Overall, numerous freelancing niches in India offer lucrative opportunities for those with the required skills and expertise. 

You can choose among these niches based on your interest and skill sets to earn a steady income while working from home.

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Step 3 – Build Your Portfolio

Once you know your niche and skills, the next step to earn as a freelancer in India is to build a portfolio.

A portfolio is a collection of your best work samples that showcases your skills and expertise in a particular field. 

It can be in the form of a physical or online portfolio, depending on your preference. 

Here’s the thing;

As a freelancer, having an impressive portfolio is crucial to showcase your work to potential clients and convince them to hire you for their projects.

Your portfolio should include relevant information about your background, education, experience, and testimonials from satisfied clients. 

This will help potential clients understand who you are as a freelancer and what sets you apart from others.

A well-curated portfolio can also demonstrate your creativity, attention to detail, and ability to meet deadlines – all valuable attributes for any client looking for someone reliable.

Ways to build your freelance portfolio

  • Start with personal projects: One of the best ways to add to your portfolio is through personal projects. You will be able to showcase your skills and creativity and work on something you are passionate about.
  • Collaborate with other freelancers: Collaborating with other freelancers can help you add depth and variety to your portfolio, especially if they specialize in different areas than you do. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, collaborating with a copywriter or photographer can lead to an interesting project.
  • Offer pro-bono services: Offering your services for free or at a reduced rate can help build up your portfolio quickly. Additionally, it’s a great way to give back while gaining valuable experience and exposure that can be leveraged later when charging higher rates.
  • Attend networking events: Networking events are an excellent opportunity to meet potential clients and colleagues in person while showcasing your work so far. Make sure you bring some business cards or samples of your work that people can take away after the event.
  • Optimize social media profiles: Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are great places to showcase what you have achieved so far as well as connect with potential clients who may be interested in working with you in future.

Step 4 – Set Your Rates

If you want to earn as a freelancer in India, you need to set competitive rates!

The amount you charge for your services can make or break your career. 

Setting your rates too high may drive potential clients away, while setting them too low may result in undervaluing yourself and not earning enough to sustain yourself. 

Therefore, you MUST determine your worth and set reasonable rates that align with industry standards.

Setting clear rates helps establish client expectations and avoids confusion or misunderstandings during the project’s course. 

Not having a set rate can lead to negotiations that might end up being detrimental to you as a freelancer. 

Researching industry-specific benchmarks and understanding what competitors are charging for similar services can help you determine appropriate pricing for your skills.

Factors to consider when setting rates

One of the most important factors to consider when setting rates as a freelancer is your level of expertise and experience in the field. 

If you are just starting out, you may need to set lower rates to attract clients, but as you gain more experience and build a portfolio, you can gradually increase your rates.

Another factor to consider is the type of services you offer and the demand for those services in the market. 

For example, if your skillset is highly specialized and in high demand with few competitors, you can charge higher rates than someone offering more general services.

You also need to take into account your overhead costs such as business expenses like software subscriptions and marketing costs when setting your rates. 

Make sure that these costs are factored into what you charge clients so that you are not losing money on each project.

Examples of reasonable rates for freelancers in India

It is true, one of the most significant challenges that freelancers in India face is determining reasonable rates for their services. 

The freelance industry in India is highly competitive, and you don’t want to undercut yourself while also not overpricing your services. 

A reasonable hourly rate for a beginner freelancer could range from INR 250-500, depending on the type of service they offer.

For intermediate level freelancers with some experience under their belt, their rates can increase to INR 700-1,000 per hour.

Experienced and specialized freelancers who offer premium services can charge upwards of INR 2,000-3,000 per hour.

Note that these figures are not set in stone and may vary depending on factors such as location and demand.

In the end, how much you earn as a freelancer in India comes down to what you’re offering and how much value you bring to the table when setting your rates. 

Remember that it’s better to set reasonable rates that reflect your skills and expertise rather than undervaluing your work just to secure clients.

Step 5 – Find Clients

To earn as a freelancer in India, finding clients is crucial for your success. 

Clients are the source of income; without them, you won’t earn enough to support yourself. 

Proven Ways to find clients in India

  • Leverage social media platforms: one of the easiest and most effective ways to find clients as a freelancer is by utilizing various social media platforms. Create a professional profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks where potential clients are likely to be active. Share your work samples or case studies on these platforms and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.
  • Join online freelancing communities: There are many online communities like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr that connect freelancers with clients worldwide. You can create a profile on these platforms showcasing your skills with pricing information and wait for clients’ requests for proposals (RFPs) to come in.
  • Cold pitching: Another way is to reach out directly to potential clients through cold pitching via email or direct messages on various social media channels. Make sure you have researched the client’s business before reaching out with tailor-made proposals demonstrating how you can add value to their projects.

Remember, finding new freelance opportunities in India requires time, effort and persistence but once you establish yourself as an expert in your niche it will become much easier to get consistent work from satisfied customers who recommend you within their own networks.

Examples of popular freelancing platforms in India

There are several popular freelancing platforms in India where you can find work as a freelancer. 

Some examples include Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. These platforms allow you to create a profile and showcase your skills and expertise.

Upwork is one of the largest freelancing websites that connect businesses with skilled professionals globally. 

It offers a wide range of job categories such as web development, design, writing, marketing, accounting, and more. 

Freelancers can bid on projects or receive invitations from clients directly.

Freelancer is another popular platform that allows freelancers to bid on projects within their area of expertise. 

The website offers over 1000 different categories for jobs, including software development, writing, and translation services to name a few. 

The platform has over 50 million registered users worldwide making it one of the biggest freelancing sites in India.

Lastly, Fiverr is known for its micro-gig format, where sellers offer services starting at just $5. 

This platform also provides job opportunities across various categories, including graphic design, digital marketing, and video editing.

As a freelancer looking for work in India, these platforms offer an opportunity to easily find work from anywhere in the world while building your portfolio and experience.

Step 6 – Deliver Quality Work

One of the most important aspects of being a successful freelancer is delivering quality work to your clients. 

This helps you build a good reputation as a reliable and skilled professional and ensures repeat business and referrals. 

When you provide high-quality work, your clients are more likely to trust you with future projects and recommend you to others who may need your services.

Moreover, delivering quality work can help in building long-term relationships with clients. 

By providing consistent results that meet or exceed their expectations, you establish yourself as an expert in your field and earn their trust. 

This leads to more opportunities for growth and development as a freelancer since satisfied clients are more likely to offer feedback and insights into what they want from future projects.

Not to mention, delivering quality work can set you apart from competitors in the marketplace.

When clients see that you consistently produce excellent results, they’ll be more inclined to choose you over other freelancers who may not have the same level of expertise or dedication. 

This competitive advantage can help secure new projects and ensure ongoing success as a freelance professional in India.

Tips for delivering quality work to your freelance clients

  • Communication is key when it comes to delivering quality work to your freelance clients. Ensure you are available and responsive to their queries and concerns through email or instant messaging platforms. Ask for feedback regularly, listen to their suggestions and respond accordingly.
  • Meet deadlines without fail as it helps build trust with your clients. If you need more time to complete a project, communicate this in advance rather than missing the deadline altogether. It’s better to ask for an extension instead of submitting subpar work due to rushed deadlines.
  • Always strive for excellence in every project you undertake, no matter how big or small it is. Pay attention to detail and ensure that everything is perfect before submitting it! Take pride in your work because delivering quality work will bring repeat business and help build positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Be transparent about your pricing structure upfront while taking on projects from clients so that there are no disputes later on regarding payments or additional charges beyond what was agreed upon at the start of the project.
  • Maintain a professional attitude with your clients at all times even if they tend towards unprofessionalism themselves! 

Finally, always be open-minded and willing to learn from feedback given by clients because this can only help improve the overall quality of future deliverables!


Freelancing in India is a viable option for those seeking to earn an income while working independently. 

To recap the 6 easy steps to follow: identify your skills and niche, create a strong portfolio or website, set competitive rates, network with potential clients, deliver quality work on time and manage finances effectively. 

By following these simple steps consistently, one can establish themselves as a successful freelancer.

Now is the time to take action and start building their freelance career. 

Starting small is key; taking on smaller projects or gigs can lead to larger ones down the line.


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