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How To Earn Money Online In India As A Students

Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 06:14 am

In this post, we are looking at how to earn money online in India as a student. Students make up a large population in India.

Every day students are enrolling and others graduate. During the school period at times, it becomes hard to manage with few resources.

However, a smart student can earn money online and have a better lifestyle. All these depend on the choices one makes.

Working online is easy and can be done even with schooling. Besides a student has more than enough time to work and learn.

Can you make money online?

Yes, it’s even easy and one can do it anytime. Working online saves costs and ensures that you are paid on time. 

Also one doesn’t need to have special skills. Jobs like affiliate marketing don’t need much, and also it can just earn you as accomplish other tasks.

There are many platforms and clients willing to hire you online. You need to have a skill and market yourself well.

Is making money online legal for students?

Yes, so long as you are making money in the right way. These days there are so many fraud cases, which is making it challenging for people to earn online.

Therefore as a student, one needs to be careful not to fall, victim. Use the right platforms and don’t give out your private details.

Before, transacting ensure the person is real; sites like Upwork ensure the client deposits some money before you begin working.

Ensure your safety is protected before committing to work.

How to earn money online in India as a students

Let’s catch up on the 11 ways to make money online in India. It’s easy and these are just some ways one can use them.

1. Become a blogger

A blogger is someone who creates creative content. That is stories or news that inform and entertain others through the internet.

Bloggers earn money from many channels that are available today. As a blogger one can utilize social media to create awareness and share content.

One also can be hired to manage content for different organizations which pays well. The best thing about this is that it’s easy to start.

Sites like WordPress are free and easy to use. With good content and consistency, your blog gains ranks and so does your income increase.

Find a good niche, write about it passionately and share with the world. Become that unique writer and capture the attention of your readers and watch your blog grow.

2. Resell insurance

Everyone needs insurance, may it be personal or covering their assets. As an insurance agent, you get to reach out to clients and sell and share about the agency.

This job can be done from anywhere and doesn’t need many resources. To start up one has to qualify after an interview which is not hard.

Payments are done on commission bases; the more you sell the more you earn. If you convince enough clients you will bag heavily.

It’s even easy to get clients so long as the insurance company offers the best for everyone. As mentioned insurance protects individuals and assets.

The salesperson is reliable and always available to answer clients. This makes it easy to convince clients to get insured.

You both win when the transaction is complete. Once the client sees this, you are going to make great returns from the sales.

3. Be a travel agent

It’s another way to earn money online in India as a student. It’s not every day that one is in class or occupied with school work.

On such breaks, one can visit places and document them on their accounts. Later they can use this to build a page for a travel agency.

Each day we discover new places and take adventures. Once you are familiar with an area touring becomes easy.

These days almost everything is done online. You can help everyone that is having difficulties and later get rewarded for the goodwill.

You can also reach out to hotels and other travel agencies and sell your services. All these can be done even by being a student.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is offering to sell goods or services on behalf of a company or individual. By just promoting goods and services money can be coming on your way.

It’s so easy to start up and payments are instant. With just a simple link that is shareable anywhere earn handsomely after every purchase from your link.

Isn’t this great? It doesn’t alter your student life and once you share the link that’s all. Income will always be getting to your account as soon as a purchase is completed.

Become an affiliate today and begin earning a good life as a student. There are many companies ready to reward your efforts.

Besides, with just a smartphone you can be an affiliate. 

5. Sell digital products

What better way to earn money online in India than selling digital products? As students we often require learning materials and other resources to further our learning; at times it’s challenging to get them.

This gap however can be reduced by selling digital products. This means you can sell your friends ebooks, PDFs, Notes, and more.

Not only can you sell to your friends, but you can also use the internet and reach out to other buyers. Making money through this is easy and convenient.

We are in the digital era where everyone wants things done online. Besides, this saves costs and time making it easy to access them.

6. Become a Beta tester

A beta tester is someone hired to test a website or app before it has been launched. This job will have to earn for just giving feedback on customer experience.

You become the customer and check for errors and what makes the application difficult or unusable to clients.

This job will earn you money easily as a student. You don’t need any experience to get started and besides testing can be done from anywhere.

School can be the best place to be when working. This is because you can use your friends’ insights and have a good report that will earn you well.

It’s easy to accomplish tasks and companies are ready to reward you for helping them.

7. Be a freelancer

This is someone who works at their own convenient time and gets paid for delivering.

A freelancer can work on many tasks consequently.

With the right skills, good clients you can grow big as a freelancer. There are so many opportunities available for everyone but skills will sell you better.

It’s easy to earn money online as a freelancer. There are no limitations to specific clients you can work with and you get to choose how much you are paid.

This job comes with many conveniences and as a student, your life is not affected. School can be your working environment.

Research and find the best place to start. Also, ensure that your online safety is covered and your job doesn’t interfere with school.

8. Become a Youtuber

Youtube is the best recreational page for all. With a Youtube account and great content, you can earn a great living.

It’s making millionaires daily for just uploading videos. Videos don’t have to be long to earn you money! Actually, short videos are more popular than lengthy ones.

Entertainment and how-to videos are the most sought-after. Creating a channel is easy, Google has ensured everyone can be a Youtuber.

The best way then is to find a good niche. Solve a problem or entertain people; be creative and watch your venture grow.

The more your views grow so does your page grow.

9. Learn to trade

This is another best way to earn money online in India. Trading involves buying and selling of cryptocurrency. This is one of the securest currencies.

Cryptocurrency has now been adopted and one can use it to pay for goods and services. Bitcoin is the most recognized and valued crypto.

One also can set a mining scheme for bitcoin. However, it’s expensive for it needs good hardware that is able to handle tasks without hassle.

Almost everyone has heard about Bitcoin, trading has become a job for many. It’s sustaining the livelihoods of many so as a student, it will also give you the best.

Crypto is secure and makes it very expensive and reliable. Use Google and Youtube and learn how to trade today!

10. Participate in paid surveys

Surveys are question and answers types of jobs. The aim of these surveys is to collect data and gather findings of something.

This job will earn you money easily by just having great responses. By just having honest feedback that at times is general knowledge earn easily.

Surveys help with research for one can gather data easily with questions. When such an opportunity presents itself it’s best to utilize it.

The surveys may even help you with your schoolwork. They don’t even take time one can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Get to find out about the sites that offer this. It’s an easy way to earn money fast, reliably, and in a secure way.

11. Become a Captioner 

Captioner is translating audio into text in a video. Some may know this as subtitles which appear in movies; it’s the same!

The concept is the same where audio is translated to text. This is easy and with a good understanding of a language, this job will earn you well.

Captioners ensure that you get to understand the video. You can watch a Spanish video with English captions and enjoy it.

This job doesn’t require much of you. Besides as a student you can use the school resources and the environment to cultivate this.

Wrap Up;

These are just 11 ways how to earn money online in India as a student. Students are the most resourceful and spendthrifts.

This means that they need to have extra money to support. Having an online job will give you money and ease your life as a student.

There are many other ways to earn money online in India however, the above will help you get started. Working online is convenient and affordable.

Besides, some jobs don’t even need any knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Get online now and get paid for completing tasks.


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