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#6 Best Online Businesses To Start In India [Easy + Profitable]

Last updated on June 25th, 2024 at 08:48 am

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what online business to start in India. The Indian e-commerce industry is booming, thanks to rising smartphone and internet usage. 

Today, everyone has access to the internet and smart devices. Technology is taking over and ensuring every business is reaching its potential.

Almost everything has become transactional over the internet! May it be buying, selling, entertainment, or others; you need the internet!

Markets are growing even quicker as more network operators emerge. 3G, 4G, and 5G services also have become more affordable. 

This trend has given rise to modern technology growth and the rise of online businesses. Let’s then gather insights on online businesses.

What counts as a business?

It can be defined as any organization or enterprising entity engaging in industrial, commercial, or professional activity of providing goods and services for a profit.

As an individual too, you can create a business by selling to a friend. It’s a small business entity that profits you!

Limited liability companies, corporations, sole proprietorships, and partnerships are just a few of the several types of businesses.

A business can be expounded in many ways. But so long you provide goods and services and you earn from it, that’s a business.

How about an online business?

It’s a business done via the internet. Buying and selling online or offering an online service are examples of online businesses.

Today you can transact with just a touch of a button. No more hassle and costs of visiting a store for products.

Buy and get them delivered to your doorstep! Online businesses have made it easier for everyone to make purchases.

They are also creating opportunities for web developers, affiliate marketers, social media influencers, and content creators.

 Besides, it’s easy to start and manage an online business.

Is it legal to have an online business in India?

Yes, however, just like any other business it needs to be licensed. To start any business whether in India or elsewhere registration for your business is mandatory.

To start an online business in India a GST registration is required for the effective foundation of E-commerce business. 

The Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST) Act requires every E-commerce business, regardless of its turnover, to be compulsorily registered.

Registration also protects your business. It also makes it credible and clients can reach out to you without trepidation.

Essentials for starting an online business in India

  • Research- this will introduce you to the mode of conducting business. It will help you conduct the business smoothly.
  • Time and resources management- an online business can’t flourish on its own if you manage these resources well. 
  • Investments- varies from one company to the next, but you must invest wisely. Choose the right team.
  • Resources- it’s what will help you start and manage the business. Without them, the business fails! 
  • Licenses- they ensure that your business runs smoothly. Your business also is protected from legal actions.

Why start an online business in India?

  1. It’s inexpensive- you don’t need many resources to start up. With the little you have, you can start the best business.
  2. Freedom to work at your own pace- as the business owner, decide when to work. Set up shop to open at your convenient hours.
  3. Easy management- from your phone or laptop manage all the operations of your business. No need to have an office or set up a shop.
  4. Secure- unlike an open store with storage issues, an online business eliminates this. Transactions can be completed without even having the products close to you!
  5. Rewarding- eliminates the costs needed to run a regular business. Also, transactions become easy to manage when you have an online venture as a side hustle.

There are many other reasons one would choose to start an online business. Besides, technology is pushing everything online.

It has become easy to manage and automate businesses and their transactions online. Consider starting your online business now!

What online business to start in India?

Here is a comparison table of the online businesses you can start in India, including their average earnings:

Online BusinessDescriptionAverage Earnings
BloggingCreating content on a blog and monetizing through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, etc.$2-$5 per 1,000 page views with AdSense. Top bloggers can earn over 1 lakh per month.
YouTubeCreating video content and monetizing through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored videos, etc.Earnings vary widely based on views and monetization methods. Successful YouTubers can earn a full-time income.
Freelance WritingWriting articles, blog posts, website copy, etc. for clients.Flexible earnings from multiple clients. Can be very lucrative in Nigeria and globally.
Online Tutoring (Chegg)Answering student questions on the Chegg platform.Average earners make ₹8,000-₹19,000 per month. Top experts can earn over 1 lakh monthly.
Selling Digital ProductsCreating and selling ebooks, courses, etc. through a blog or website.Earnings depend on product pricing and sales volume. Can provide passive income.
Affiliate MarketingPromoting others’ products/services and earning a commission on sales.Earnings vary based on commission rates and sales generated. Lucrative when combined with a blog or YouTube channel.
Stock PhotographyUploading and selling photo licenses on stock photography websites.Ongoing royalties, e.g. $10 for a small business using a photo, $50 for magazine rights.

The key to success with most of these online businesses is to start small, create quality content consistently, grow your audience, and reinvest earnings to scale up over time. With dedication and smart strategies, it’s possible to build a profitable online business in India or globally.

1. Becoming a YouTuber

A YouTuber is someone who uses YouTube to earn. This is by creating video content that is engaging and worth watching.

Because the millennial age is a YouTube generation, it is simple to use YouTube to make money. Vlogging on YouTube is the most lucrative online business in this industry.

You can put your skills or aptitude to good use by starting a YouTube channel and producing unique material In India.

YouTube is now the best online business to start in India. It’s a rewarding source of revenue; there are a lot of videos being uploaded all the time.

Today YouTube is the fastest-growing online platform, and it is gradually displacing other media platforms like Facebook. Video is becoming more popular than written content. 

Many have already found work on Youtube. To offer quality material for your audience on YouTube, you simply need to know what your audience needs and also be consistent.

Youtube is indeed displacing television viewers as it has become home to everything. Besides, it’s easily accessible from anywhere.

2. Blogging

This is writing content for your audience;  can be in the form of a journal of travel, health, beauty, or anything else.

A blog, however, has a niche; you can’t just talk about anything that doesn’t fall under your blog’s niche. Before you begin, find a niche that fits well.

If you are adept at expressing yourself and communicating, a blog is good to start. Most of the bloggers in India fail because they think blogging is a few get-rich-quick schemes. 

You need lots of patience and toil before you begin generating any revenue. For the primary six months, you’ve got to figure without expecting any earth-shattering returns. 

But later over a period, your exertions pay off. Use your blog to earn handsomely from affiliate marketing and more.

Get paid for sharing thoughts, opinions, and engaging content. You can share about the best online business to start in India.

3. Sell digital services on Fiverr

This is another online business to start in India; For techies, Fiverr is the most trusted online business platform. 

If you know how to make logos in Photoshop or if you have experience with graphic or online design.  You’ll find employment in every digital field here. 

Many other jobs, such as article writing, copywriting, site building, video creation, and voice-over recording, are available here. 

You should go to Fiverr at least once to see what you can do. You must first study the category in this case. 

Examine which category best matches your abilities. Now go ahead and make an account and a few gigs to define your services. 

You can charge a fair amount for your services. The most important and difficult aspect of Fiverr is to get you.

Use the platform and sell your skill set and earn from home.

4. Web developer

Websites are launched every day, the need for Web Developers is increasing. You can operate as a web developer if you have substantial experience in building websites from the bottom – up.

Not only will website design suffice, but you will also demand coding ability, which will necessitate some effort.

This is not enough, though nowadays, you must also be knowledgeable about the most recent web development technology, supporting frameworks, and design trends.

You can make a lot of money since big firms are willing to pay a lot of money to web designers who can build their websites flawlessly.

It’s a competitive design world. Today there are also free page builders; WordPress, OLITT are some of the examples.

5. Flipping of domain names and websites.

This is another online business to start in India. It’s the domain and website reselling industry. You can purchase websites or domains at a lesser cost and then resell them at a greater cost.

Purchase high-quality domains that are today and in the long term in great demand. Later sell these names in markets for a higher cost.

Create or purchase a simple website, put in time and effort to it. Later sell it at the price you want! Consequently, sell to your audience who know the value!

Both websites and domains are in demand today. Every website today sits on these two and without them, no online presence.

Start this lucrative business with a few dimes. Grow the venture with each resell!

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6. Specialist in Search Engine Optimization 

It’s being the best in optimizing content or websites such that it’s easily rankable by Google. Besides, Google is the most used search engine.

For many individuals around the globe, SEO still appears to be a technical phrase. The technique of increasing a website’s prospective rating on Google is known as search engine optimization. 

Every website owner wishes for their site to appear higher in Google’s search results. It will boost their revenue and profits. 

SEO experts can simply do this task and increase the trustworthiness of their website in the eyes of Google. You can study SEO by enrolling in a 4-6 month course or learning it online. 

People, on the other hand, place a higher value on certified individuals. After that, you’ll be able to quickly sell your SEO services to any website.

Ranks play a major role in getting sales and ensuring clients retention. Get your site optimized today by hiring an SEO expert!

Wrap up;

Having read this now you’ve seen some of the best online businesses to start in India. The above are just a few examples.

There are so many businesses open to doing online! Numerous digital marketers are already making big bucks every month.

Get started today and you too will earn handsomely. From this article, select what type of business you want to start.

Start easy and use the little resources you have. Growth will happen with time!


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