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Who is the best beauty blogger in India?

Are you looking for the best beauty bloggers in India? Then you’ve come to the right place.

India has a thriving community of brilliant beauty bloggers who offer helpful insights and suggestions on all things beauty. With an increasing number of people looking for guidance, suggestions, and product recommendations, it is now easier than ever for beauty bloggers to display their expertise and connect with their audience. From cosmetic tutorials to product reviews, these bloggers have become prominent voices in the beauty business, supplying their fans with the most recent beauty ideas and trends.

Numerous Indian beauty blogs offer a plethora of information and inspiration, whether you are an avid Indian beauty fan or someone looking for expert guidance and recommendations. As a beginner, it can be difficult to know where to begin in your hunt for the best of the best Indian beauty bloggers. 

Top Beauty Bloggers in India

Here is a list of the top beauty bloggers from India. Most of these people are competent and have mastered the art of cosmetics and skincare, but they have also built a community of fans who look to them for beauty advice, product reviews, and lifestyle counsel.

#1. Ankita ChaturvedihEcQQt0WeFDjZHukzjobp8a8AQJs oOdDg2hSBCFflglmGYwIyItJFQSt1SkdftStLbdVPVtLNk 3Z0iEdIzVnFUmuqlh6q nGyMV QqoA5S XO yOkGignBixtl9M13RBn1jPgcxmyGxg6HI liovs

Ankita Chaturvedi, also known as Corallista, has been writing since 2011 and has established herself as one of India’s prominent beauty bloggers. Her specialty is producing attractive and wearable makeup looks that suit a wide range of complexion tones. 

Ankita’s distinct style combines traditional beauty techniques with a contemporary twist, allowing her to create timeless looks that resonate with her audience. Corallista’s blog is a go-to destination for beauty tips, product recommendations, and cosmetic tutorials, thanks to her great eye for detail and passion for beauty.

She also has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel, but her major pull is her blog. Almost every skincare and beauty product is listed on her blog, and she is very quick to review new arrivals.

#2. Komal Pandey NXquypywzfZpb 6vlajpk3 6AqrrCTA3Bu sXG8Cf2xLxTGd59YgR88uFhc5mIMPTHzzokyP2 X8MXaNf6GFpATO8YgjyjY4yxbBQC9Lu0mDmfQnWMnhFEjNYPd EcCnT9LH6afe3 2OvFsogYUkrfQ

Komal Pandey is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian beauty blogging industry, with a colorful personality and an enthusiasm for experimenting with bold and unique styles. Her knowledge goes beyond makeup, as she also covers fashion and lifestyle subjects. Komal’s distinct style is defined by her bold attitude to beauty, frequently exhibiting avant-garde makeup looks and pushing limits to urge her followers to embrace their originality.

Her blog and social media channels offer a fresh perspective on beauty trends and tips.

#3. Shreya JainQioueieBS7Rj1O15pnFX563QJ47TIrCAF67beSr255mtjFPoUZvie UQwWVoJggxHq GM6FDzO IKwDE d4BA cHu2p54cjRBk0rasZRtOmPBG0Fhf5R8W SIbNrZFUchiQ6K0oEEFW gezw0rwk2kQ

Shreya Jain is an Indian Makeup, Fashion, and Beauty Blogger!  Her unique and artistic approach to beauty blogging reflects her enthusiasm for cosmetics. Shreya has been a go-to source for beauty inspiration due to her amazing eye makeup abilities and ability to create stunning looks. Her specialty is experimenting with various color palettes, textures, and techniques to create one-of-a-kind and eye-catching beauty looks. Shreya’s style is defined by her bold use of brilliant colors and her ability to blend diverse shades for a seamless finish.

Beauty in the Third World is her blog.

#4. Anshita Juneja.Z2NOu9VVdINQD7AAUQC9K6LhvwFTPG6lgYo AyrWJ3VEvdYZltMV8tsit3hLIgrORv38dKDcyrjh49hsb bzwX246ij WU BlTZFmbJZHw0ZFplPesHUfH3siCX44iXl TQKuaMolXdpD8vfnqWHkZA

She is a well-known beauty blogger in India who is recognized for her in-depth assessments of makeup cosmetics such as lipsticks and nail products.

Her blog, Vanity no apologies is a library of global resources for beauty fans, featuring in-depth reviews, beauty news, photographs, DIYs, tutorials, beauty advice, and much more. Anshita, the beauty influencer, launched this beauty blog in December 2010. She is now the editor-in-chief of the blog, with a staff of professional beauty bloggers managing the content of her website. 

She founded VNA to share her passion for beauty with other cosmetics enthusiasts. She now covers and collaborates with a variety of fashion and beauty brands. Her beauty secrets will assist you in spending your hard-earned money sensibly without sacrificing the quality of your essential products.

#5. Gia Kashyap0XD03NVp48a ykOwpfIGuM 6VUBW5eaBQoKUlSgunInEqq2wHILqBAdiXdhYLIGauFvVASEnUunb41jd0WrhVl4YNa1eTl8YUCRtUBupuYXh A scaHzCLkR K4wWi5HemtA 649T8VPlpw 7H112as

Her renowned blog, “Gia Says That,” has gained immense popularity among her dedicated followers. Despite being widely recognized as a fashion blogger, she possesses a versatile range of expertise and shares her insights on beauty, travel, and lifestyle. Her signature style exudes a natural, urban flair that remains understated yet timeless and classic.

With an unwavering focus on excellence, Gia is well-known for providing her loyal readers with insightful recommendations and generous makeup reviews. Beyond that, she generously shares valuable tips for skincare and offers specialized tutorials for festive and wedding preparations, catering to all her followers’ needs.

The most popular beauty topics covered by beauty bloggers

Beauty bloggers write on a wide range of beauty-related topics. Here are some of the most popular topics they cover:

a). Product Reviews

Beauty bloggers frequently share their thoughts and experiences with cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and tools. They provide information about the effectiveness, quality, and value of these products. 

b). Hauls and favorites

Many beauty bloggers show off their most recent purchases and talk about their favorite products. They make suggestions based on their personal experiences and explain why some products stand out.

c). Beauty Trends

Bloggers keep their audiences up to date on the newest beauty trends, industry news, and future launches. They talk about new procedures, creative products, and popular beauty trends, keeping their audience up to date.

d). Tutorials

Beauty bloggers produce step-by-step guidelines and tutorials for various beauty methods. Makeup application tutorials for specific looks or trends, hairstyling tutorials, skincare routines, and nail art instructions are examples of these.

e). Tips and Tricks

Bloggers deliver excellent suggestions to assist their audience in improving their beauty habits. To improve their readers’ beauty knowledge and skills, they publish skincare recommendations, makeup hacks, time-saving tactics, and beauty secrets.

f). Personal Stories and experiences

Some beauty and self-care bloggers include personal anecdotes and experiences. They may talk about their skincare adventures, problems with specific beauty issues, or uplifting stories that connect with their audience.

Must-Have Characteristics of a Good Beauty Blogger in India

If you’re an aspiring beauty blogger trying to build a name for yourself in the industry, here are some must-have traits of a good beauty blogger.

1). Know the industry

Understanding the industry from a business aspect is an extremely important thing for becoming a competent blogger, especially in the beauty sector. Having real-life experience is also crucial; while writing about a product, make sure the information is accurate; only then will the readers regard you as a reliable source of information.

2). Approachable

The blogger must be personable, especially when posting product reviews or advocating a brand. According to research, online shoppers favor the suggestions of bloggers and influencers more than any other kind of marketing, which means that as a beauty blogger, you will receive several endorsement requests. If you want to be one of India’s top beauty bloggers, you must understand how to recommend a brand and persuade your viewers to buy from your website.

3). Have persuasive power

As a blogger, you must have a strong grasp of your readers’ minds. You must be able to persuade them to make the buy. You must ensure that people regard you as a reliable source of information and that they value what you do.

It is critical to establish a personal connection with your readers and, therefore promote discussion and criticism on your blog. Share your blog links on social media to gain more attention and readers.

4). Consistent

With so much going on in the beauty market, bloggers must be very consistent with their content. Try to provide new and authentic content to your viewers regularly so that they grow reliant on your blog. This also helps you attain a higher rating on search engines like Google, which favors websites that produce information regularly.

5). Create educational content.

As a beauty blogger, you are accountable for the information you provide to your readers, so make sure everything you write is genuine. If your viewers discover you spreading rumors or incorrect news, they will call you out and may even ban you, so be cautious when writing beauty blogs and offering information.


Beauty blogging has grown in popularity in recent years, and many brilliant people in India are sharing their knowledge and passion with the rest of the globe. 

If you’re looking for the best beauty bloggers in India, we’ve selected some of the best in the country, who offer a wealth of expertise, suggestions, and recommendations for all your beauty requirements. Whether you’re looking for skincare tips, makeup tutorials, or product reviews, these bloggers have you covered. 

We’ve also listed popular topics beauty bloggers discuss and must-have attributes for beauty bloggers for you to get started if you want to get started as a beauty blog in India.

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