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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Web Hosting in India

The speed at which you can access any information online is soo amazing, and it is why most of the time, we rush to our browsers when in need of a quick answer. This is all because the data is transmitted using fiber-optic cables.

The internet can instantly connect people on two different continents. You can shop from an online shop in the US or study at a learning institution in the UK while still in India. The world is getting smaller in the digital age, and communicating, connecting, and sharing with others worldwide has become soo easy.

However, some things are better and easier when close to you. For instance, if you want to buy a burger, you are more likely to order from the KFC around you even though it is almost everywhere in the World.

This also applies to web hosting companies. There are soo many web hosting companies around the world that offer web hosting services. However, some advantages come with working with local-based web hosts rather than a web hosting company on the other side of the world.

Studies show that sites with load times of more than a few seconds have a large percentage of visitors who click away before the site loads. The physical location of servers hosting your site directly impacts your website’s response times. 

For instance, if someone from India tries to access your website that is hosted on servers in the U.S  may experience slower load speeds. The longer the distance that data needs to travel, the slower it gets. 

Local web hosting should not be mistaken by the web hosting companies in India who host their customer’s websites on servers overseas or resell services of foreign web hosting companies.

Local web hosting means servers reside locally in India, and customer support is also in India.

For that reason, we came up with ten reasons why you should consider web hosting in India, especially if your audience is from India.

#1. Optimum Site Performance

The speed of a server affects how first visitors can access the content on a website and engage with it. If site visitors are unsatisfied with the website’s performance, they will likely abandon the platform forever.

Local hosting enables your website to run almost 3 times faster than hosting your website overseas. This is because of ultralow latency. Latency is better and faster with local hosting because local traffic is routed locally through the internet exchange point of India.

A page speed affects how well or badly your website ranks in Google. You will likely lose visitors if your website has a slow loading speed. No one wants to wait for more than 3 seconds for your web page to load.

If you are running a business website, you may lose a potential customer any time a visitor leaves your site. Imagine around ten visitors leaving your page in a day. How many potential customers will you lose due to your website’s speed?

Slow-loading websites are killers for any business. You want your website to run fast and smoothly to help your business make more sales since your visitors might end up purchasing from you. The server you are hosted in plays a key role in your site speed.

If your audience is locally based, then choosing a web hosting in India will be your best option.

#2. Technical Support

Time matters a lot when it comes to business. Therefore instant technical support is very important to your website. Your web hosting provider provides technical assistance to guide you when handling problems with accessibility, file management, security, and other aspects of a website. 

Having a web host based in India helps a lot, especially when you need to contact the host for any problems you might be experiencing or in case of any inquiries you want to make. With an Indian-based web host, you should be able to have live support and have your website problems resolved in a very short time.

This can’t be easy if your web host is on another continent and might have multiple time zones behind you. Although most web host providers offer 24/7 support, many offer customer support during work hours. 

#3. Cost-Effective Services

Hosting your website overseas in this current economy can be costly. With the ridiculous increase in the exchange rate, you can find yourself paying up to 2 times as much as you can pay for a web host provider in India.

Hosting your website locally can save a lot since FX does not influence local web hosting.

When you choose a hosting service from India, you pay as per the prevailing trends in the Indian market, whereas employing services from outside India demands high capital investment.

#4. Data Privacy Laws

Knowing where your information and client data resides is vital as data privacy laws of where your web data is hosted. Knowing that your data is being stored nearby helps ensure peace of mind that your data is safe and not far from you.

Hosting your website with a local web hosting company in India helps you avoid dealing with the complexity of international laws. 

For instance, you can lose access to your data if your international service provider is involved in a national security case and has to shut down because of a motion against them.

#5. Boost Local Economy

A lot of money is lost annually since many Indians use hosting from abroad. Hosting in India enables you to grow the economy of India and enable local hosting companies to export services and generate revenue for the country.

When you host your website with a small local company, you keep dollars in the local economy, which helps create more jobs with better wages. By doing this, you will help your community to thrive and benefit everybody.

Web hosting companies in India will not only provide you with quality services but will also provide the community with the tools they need to grow. Local companies are more likely to stay accountable to their local communities, participate in fundraising, and donate more money to nonprofit organizations.

Therefore choosing a web hosting in India is supporting your own community.

#6. Language

Many people do not have English as their first language Indians included. There are many times when people find it hard to communicate with their host due to the language barrier, especially if the host is based in the UK, US, or Australia, where English is the main language there.

Using a language that is not your native tongue can be challenging. Imagine trying to communicate with the support team about a problem you are experiencing. 

It can be hard to be understood and also to understand what is being communicated to you too. Having a web host based in your country can be extremely helpful in terms of communication. 

This makes it easier to communicate your issue in a language you understand and at the same time understand what is being communicated to you since there is no language barrier.


Hosting your website locally rather than overseas is advisable if your target market is in India. 

Hosting your website in India will ensure more uptime for your website, high speed when it comes to loading time, faster browsing for your local visitors, and better and faster support team response.

Several web hosting companies have their servers in India, such as MilesWeb, Sowfihost, and Mailwala. You can go to their website and learn more about their services. Remember to keep your website needs in mind.

We hope this article has helped you learn about the benefits of local web hosting in India. Kindly share the articles to help us reach more people.

Also, check the cheapest web hosting packages in India.


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